Pre-surgery ramblings:

There are three large frames of dusty landscapes placed strategically around the room. Lines of orange and beige chairs face towards the walkway that leads to the reception desk. It’s unsettling having eyes on you as you walk in.

Two large rugs are hung on the wall behind reception; one striped with brown, green, orange and yellow, and the other with different shaped circles. Perhaps the interior designer used the varying colours of poo as inspiration for the room. It is after all, the specialist rooms for gastroenterology.

I’m sitting here, waiting for my husband to be released post-gastroscopy/colonoscopy. We are here for investigative procedures following complaints of severe stomach pains.

If you ask me, I believe it is due to the stresses of work and life. He is known put aside his own basic needs of food and water to accommodate work issues. He works long hours and rarely takes any leave. He is always on call, awakened at all hours of the night. On days of leave, such as today, his phone still buzzes with calls from work. Having a medical procedure doesn’t give you an out.

It’s got me thinking. Is there such thing as work life balance? Can you pursue and achieve a successful career without it impacting your health, family or life? Conversely, can you have a fulfilling life without some form of work?

Post surgery misery:

As soon as my husband entered the room, I knew there was something amiss. His usually unreadable mask broken, his face shrouded with unease. The news was not positive. He was speaking but the words weren’t computing. I had to read the papers that the specialist had given him, not trusting his words.

‘Four polyps removed. One single 20mm sessile polyp removed. All sent for examination. Repeat colonoscopy in a year.’

For most people, this information wouldn’t elicit extreme emotions. No definitive results other than some polyps. There is no point worrying until the polyps are tested. However, to a person who suffers from anxiety and prone to worst-case scenarios, my mind is having a meltdown.

I’m scared. A train of morbid thoughts plagues my mind; precancerous polyps, bowel cancer, mortality rates, death. Google is fast becoming my unwanted best friend.

What happens if they are precancerous polyps? What does this mean? How can I fix this? What can I do?

I just want to cry. I can’t deal with the unknown. The thought of anything happening to my husband makes me want to break down. He is my strength, my love, my everything. I can’t help but cry as I type this.

So as I enter these next few weeks of uncertainty, I pray that I can be strong for my husband and my children, and that I can put aside my own fears and anxiety to support the man who has always been my rock. For I won’t be the only person riding the waves of emotions.

Update: We found out the polyps were indeed precancerous types, ones that lead to colon cancer if not removed. I’m relieved the outcome was not cancer but I can’t help but feel upset that there is that looming risk. For now, we continue our healthy diet and annual surveillance. Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words during the times I was feeling overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.

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11 thoughts on “WAVES OF EMOTIONS”

  1. Hugs and prayers for you Kathy. It’s a good thing that it’s not cancer and those polyps are removed. I am sure it will be all good and that ominous word will never be mentioned again because of all the healthy changes you both have (and continue) to make.

    But I totally understand your anxiety. It’s a good thing that you could write this and unload some of your stress. God strength to you!!

    As a society, we have been made to believe that there’s nothing like work life balance. You can’t have both if you want anything good. Ugh!! Simply irritating and not true. I hope your husband sees it. Great health to him!!

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    1. Thanks Pallavi. I think I won’t truly be able to relax until the next review. If it’s clear, then I think I’ll be able to ease up on the worrying.
      I really hate that term work-life balance. In my experience, it’s great in theory, but work places don’t necessarily put it in practice, particularly if people in management don’t see the importance.

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  2. Hugs 🙂 I know how scary it all can be. Our minds can be our worst enemy. Ugh all that thinking and feeling! Seriously, take care of yourselves. Glad it was caught in time.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know the mere whisper of the word cancer is terrifying but this is doable. My husband had the same situation 15 years ago… 4 polyps removed, and he’s been clear ever since. Be vigilant with fiber and diet…. and give some serious thought to him switching jobs. Stress is an awful health risk as well.

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