Hello everyone, I’ve been offline for a bit and might be for a little longer.

I’ve been through some difficult situations of late. Last week I experienced a panic attack for the second time this year. Most likely COVID triggered. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t catch a breath. I hyperventilated as a result and got the shakes and dizziness. It wasn’t a great experience.

A few days, while my seven-year-old daughter and I were walking down a street, two burly men walking in the opposite direction loomed over me as they passed and racially abused me for being Asian. I had to explain to my distraught but angry daughter why random people would tell in my face “Take it home!” and what the phrase meant. I was shaken to my core from that experience.

On a positive note, my study units for the teaching course I’m doing is released today. So my learning as a mature aged student begins! Wish me luck folks cos I’ll need it!

I’ll be back soon with funny tales…

Keep safe everyone.