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Every year, the company my husband works for holds a free Christmas raffle and barbeque. Around three hundred people are invited for a snag and the chance to win one of forty prizes. Over the fifteen years that he’s worked for this company, my husband has won five times. He’s brought home a weird little tea set, a couple of hampers, a bottle of wine and a six-pack of beer.

This year’s event was a quiet affair due to the pandemic. Not many people showed up for the barbeque and the winners of the Christmas raffle were drawn on Zoom. A total of fourteen winners won and was asked to present at HQ to select from the pool of prizes. Luckily, my husband’s name was drawn from the list.

“Hamper, hamper, hamper… Oh, there’s a coffee table designed by some interior decorator.” My husband read out the list of prizes available for the taking. It didn’t take long for me to exclaim that we NEEDED a new coffee table, especially if was going to be free.

Thirty minutes after my husband left to collect his prize, we heard the beeping noise of a reversing delivery truck in our driveway. Out stepped my husband and a delivery driver from the company. Both men struggled as they lugged the great big and seemingly heavy package off the truck and into our hall. While my husband returned to get his car, I dragged the table towards the living room to unpack.

The damn thing weighed a ton. You know that feeling just before opening a present? That anticipation and excitement? The thrill of opening something that might be the best thing in the world? That’s how I felt. Gosh darn it! This wasn’t just a coffee table. My husband had texted to say that it was an original creation of some fancy pants interior designer/decorator/Australian celebrity and it cost the company $10,000!

Did I know this famous person? No. I had to Google the name and apparently, she’s a well-known judge on a few reality TV shows. Have I watched these shows? No. BUT… I did hear this wood creation will feature in an upcoming TV show. So now I own a piece of reality TV history. Yep! Me… a proud(?) new owner of a $10,000 celebrity-made coffee table.

My husband’s company spent $10,000 on the table, of which was donated to charity. It was shipped from Sydney to Melbourne to be a part of the company’s Christmas raffle. It made me think this table must have been something pretty special.

Pulling off the bubble wrap, I could see the underside of the coffee table hadn’t been sanded or polished.

“Still good, still good,” I thought. “Probably part of the charm. I’m so out of trends, this is probably what the kids want these days.”

I almost pulled a hernia turning the table over; that was how heavy it was. In fact, I’m sure I popped a haemorrhoid for my efforts.

You know that feeling you get when you open a present and it’s not what you expected? That sinking, deflating balloon feeling? Like you wanted the newest Nike shoes as a kid but instead your parents got you a stinking pair of school shoes for the new year? That’s how I felt setting my sights on the coffee table.

Wanna see what a $10,000 coffee table looks like?

KN J Tales and Snippets

It kinda looked like someone had taken a chainsaw to a random tree, slapped it together and called it a day. That’s probably unfair of me. I’m no designer, and I certainly have no skills in woodwork so I shouldn’t really comment. BUT, as a consumer… a cheap-ass/will-accept-free-things one, I have eyes and some debatable taste. I don’t much like the unfinished look with the natural tree grooves and lumps. Call me a simpleton.

My husband won’t let me eBay it because he claims it’s a great talking point. Plus he likes it, warts and all. My brother-in-law thinks I should tweet at the designer and TV show when it makes an appearance. Other people who have seen it, claim they love it! So we’re keeping it.

I guess it’ll grow on me… eventually. For now, it sits by the window and doubles as a very expensive children’s clutter table.

You know when I said we NEEDED a $10,000 coffee table? I think we NEEDED a hamper more.

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16 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER GOES TO…”

  1. Hahaha! This story took a lot of turns I didn’t expect. I actually think it looks beautiful. We love wood here at our house. But would I take $10,000 over a celebrity coffee table? Any day of the year and twice on Sundays.

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  2. I’m both thrilled (you have a $10,000 coffee table!) and horrified (you have the ugliest $10,000 coffee table ever). Sorry, but that’s just beyond disappointing. I’d sell that sucker as soon as the husband leaves the house.

    Liked by 1 person

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