My husband and children like to gang up and tease me. It’s probably because I give them lots of reasons to… I’m giving in that way. I have a tendency to be explicit about obvious things and non-explicit about non-obvious things. What does that mean exactly? I’ll give you some examples. I might say “You should park here” when my husband is practically reversing the car into said space. Or I might say “Can you pass me that thing?” and no-one has any idea what that “thing” I’m referring to is but me. What can I say? I have my flaws.

I blame it on the fact that my mind is on constant overdrive, mentally juggling the billion life tasks that need to be done. That’s my excuse anyway! My husband suggests I should apply the “just in time” strategy to my decision-making processes and not waste time thinking too far ahead. In doing so, I might free my mind to make better choices or decisions in a timely manner. He’s probably right but then again, he would rather be wet than use an umbrella and thinks thongs have no place in footwear, so it’s hard for me to take him seriously at times!

Anyway, recently I went to a bookstore with our 8-year-old daughter and on an impulse buy, I bought an adjustable travel book holder that was sitting at the counter. Those merchandisers are sneaky bastards, and I’m the perfect example of an impulse buyer. I see colourful products and red on-sale signs and my brain goes off like a circus monkey on speed. I can’t help it! I reasoned that our daughter needed help keeping the pages of her book opened. She complained that one time, a few months back somewhere, and that was reason enough for the $17 purchase.

My husband took one look at the book holder and declared it a useless invention made to con easy prey like me. How dare he?! My daughter quickly sided with her dad and wanted nothing to do with the product despite originally agreeing to try it. My son joined in on the fun and soon, dissension was rife.

“I’m going to use it to keep MY research books open!” I argued, attempting to win the debate on the worthiness of a travel book holder, despite not travelling anywhere.

“See? I’m using it right now,” I said, as I failed miserably to prove the book holder useful. Instead of placing the thing on the sides of the book, I put it on top so I couldn’t turn the pages. Then when I realised my mistake and tried putting it on the sides of the book, it wouldn’t stretch far enough for the book I was using as my demonstration. Sigh.

The against team rebuttal included a Google search of the most pointless items ever made and my product happened to make the top 10 list. It didn’t help that my book kept slamming shut because the book holder was a useless piece of junk. Suffice to say, it destroyed my credibility and rendered my arguments invalid.

“That thing is cursed,” my husband joked, “you better get rid of it!”

He and the children went off on a tangent about what cursed objects were and ways to rid one of it. They even drew a pentagram symbol on a whiteboard and placed the book holder within it to keep the curse from wreaking havoc on our household. And to strengthen the protection spell, they drew three more pentagrams around the original symbol. They came up with the idea that the curse could only be broken if the cursed item was accepted by someone else. I couldn’t re-gift or throw out the book holder.

Obviously, it was all done jokingly and the children knew it was all said and done in good nature. But two weeks on, they are still taking the piss out on me. Every time there’s a misfortune, they joke that it’s because of the curse. Like when we couldn’t find a carpark at the shopping centre during the peak hour weekend crowd… it was because of the curse. Or when we had to walk up the broken travellator… again, the curse.

Every day, my 4-year-old son asks if today is the day I’ll rid myself of the curse and therefore, his curse through his association with me. I really don’t want to give it away because it cost me $17 and a stubborn part of me doesn’t want to admit that the book holder is in fact, useless. I’m still holding out hope that one day it’ll prove handy.

BUT at what point does a lie become the truth? If you believe something hard enough, would you eventually create an illusion of the truth? Because at the rate everyone is saying I’m cursed, maybe it’ll really end up that way. Maybe if I really think bad things will happen, it’ll end up true. And if that’s true, then shouldn’t happy thoughts lead to happy things? What if the Universe knows that I’m purposely thinking happy thoughts for happy things, will that mean something bad will happen? What if the Universe is really trying to speak through the curse?

Wait a minute! Maybe this is going too far. Before I book myself into a bootcamp for cosmic curse cleansing…

Does anyone want a free and really useful travel book holder?

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How time flies when you’re up to your eyeballs in commitments! Every time I’ve sat down to write a post, I’ve been pulled away for one reason or another. Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2021? Life just seems to pass by in a blink of an eye, especially as I inch closer to the big 4-0. It doesn’t feel that long ago when I was an awkward teenager sporting baggy tencel jeans and rocking a monobrow. Anyway, enough aimless musing. Let me update you with my recent going-ons.  

My brother finally got married, to everyone’s relief. No more egos to calm, no more hysterics over ridiculous issues, no more stress. My dad’s father-of-the-groom speech went off without a hitch. That being, he didn’t cry, swear or give us a running monologue of his life’s achievements. Strangely, he felt the need to emphasise every single word and loudly too, pausing after every few words. It was like he was role-playing a screaming drill sergeant of an army (blog post will follow). My mum skulled a lot of red wine and got drunk as a skunk. Her sole purpose that night was to drag as many unsuspecting people on to the dance floor to join in her crazy robot dancing.

I managed to lose seven kilos from my low-carb diet and was able to squeeze into the red gown I bought for the occasion. Suffice to say, on the night of the wedding, I stuffed my face with EVERYTHING. You know that saying… no man left behind? Well, in this case, it was no food was left behind. I virtually ate the dining table. Anyway, it ended up being a great night, and I’m happy to have a sister-in-law who my children adore.  

Let’s see, what else has happened other than being sick for almost two weeks… I submitted my first university assignment. Remember that literature review I had to write but was struggling to complete? Well, I passed. In fact, I did better than I thought I would. Goes to show that we tend to underestimate our abilities and should have more confidence in ourselves. I have another assignment coming up – a research plan. Have I mentioned that I’m doing two courses at the same time? Yeah, it’s crazy but hopefully, I’ll be done by next year and will start my career in adult education. I’m halfway through one course, so there’s light at the end of the tunnel now. 

It was Mother’s Day last Sunday. This year my 8-year-old daughter refused to use $2 of her money to buy me a gift from her school’s Mother’s Day stall. I won’t lie and tell you it didn’t hurt because it did. Not that I care for material gifts but considering the amount of time I spend being her personal chauffeur, cook and cleaner, you’d think she could part with $2! Anyway, I got a cuddle and kiss, so I guess I should be grateful for that… She will probably declare Mother’s Day a farce soon enough and refuse to partake in these commercial cons. It seems my daughter is eight going on fifteen in terms of attitude. Can’t wait for when she’s actually fifteen-years-old. It’ll be fun times!

That’s it from me. Apologies for the radio silence. Hopefully, I’ll get my next assignment and modules done and will be able to return to blog land soon. Until then, keep safe and be happy!

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