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I experienced a growth spurt once. Those of you who know me are probably giggling, but it’s true! When I was ten-years-old, I shot up in height like a rocket reaching for the stars. Unfortunately, it was short-lived and by twelve, I was closer to Earth’s epicentre than the Galaxy’s stars. I am a short stack, a pocket rocket, fun-sized, a small fry. I am 5 feet tall… on a good day. 

I can’t say that it was unexpected given my dad is 5 foot 1 and my mum is 5 foot 2. I had no hope with those kinds of genes. My brother got lucky somehow and ended up being 5 foot 9. He must have gotten more vitamins in utero than me. 

Suffice to say, I can’t help but envy tall women, what with their long limbs and elevated view of the world. Just think about how useful being tall would be! If I was taller than my 5 foot short stack, I would not…

  1. Need to do a hop, skip and jump over big puddles! I’d simply step over them.
  2. Get bruises from door handles when my sleeves get caught.  
  3. Buy 3/4 pants to substitute for full-length pants. 
  4. Buy shoes from the kiddie section because women size 5 shoes are impossible to find.
  5. Adjust the car seat all the way forward and upwards to reach the car pedals and to see over the dashboard.
  6. Ask random strangers for help getting products from top shelves at the supermarket after making a dunce of myself by jumping up and down like a loon. 
  7. Ask a random stranger to check if I made the 150cm height restrictions for accompanying adults so I could take my 4-year-old son on a mini go-kart ride at a carnival. 
  8. Have to explain to a cop that I was indeed the mother of two children and not their underaged babysitter.
  9. Be mistaken as a young child when on ordering drinks from McDonald’s. I don’t even say this in jest… a few days ago, I overheard a server yell ‘get the little girl her drink order’ to his colleague before correcting with ‘I mean, the lady’ upon second glance. Talk about mortifying!
  10. Do you really need more examples? I think you’ve probably laughed enough at my expense.

There must be yang to this yin, right? Pros to these cons? Let’s see… (thinking)… give me a minute… (thinking harder)… hmm… (brain starting to hurt)… I’ll have to get back to you on this.

Anyway, I can’t change my height, and I wouldn’t want to if it meant I wasn’t the person I am today. I guess I’ll continue to graciously accept hearing people say ‘great things come in small packages’. At least people aren’t cracking jokes about how down to Earth I am or how I’ve got a great perspective on life because I’m always looking up.  

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10 thoughts on “SHORT STACK”

  1. Don’t be too afraid to enjoy it. Come to Indonesia, you will see many people with small sizes. That’s not too much of a problem. It depends on how you enjoy it and are grateful for what you have. Hi, I’m only 167 cm for a man. Stay Don’t be too afraid to enjoy it. Come to Indonesia, you will see many people with small sizes. That’s not too much of a problem. It depends on how you enjoy it and are grateful for what you have. Hi, I’m only 167 cm for a man. Stay happy.


    1. Hi Afriant, thanks for your kind comment. Being a short isn’t to uncommon for an Asian person and amongst most of my Asian friends, I’m not too short compared to them. Just wished I was a smidge taller! But you’re right, be happy abd grateful for what you have.


  2. A ha. I too have short-people problems, as well as a younger-than-I-look problem. When I was an instructor on a field trip, the person in charge of the facility asked why I wasn’t in the classroom with the other students. But yeah, I’ve embraced that now. Thanks for this post!

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  3. I’m shorter than you and my sister is shorter than me and she likes to say were super vertically challenged, which, when I say it to people, makes them a little perplexed until they can figure out what all the big words mean. It’s kind of fun to watch. Being short definitely sucks, but it does make me happy I can see what’s on the ground more easily so I don’t trip on things like bumps on sidewalks when I see taller people almost face plant. And I like to think it’s easier and faster to pick up the things I’ve dropped since I don’t have to bend over quite so far, so I can actually make a little swoop down look more elegant than it actually is. Still, I wouldn’t mind being even 2 inches taller.

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  4. I tower above you at the grand height of 5’4. While I don’t have to hop puddles or wear kiddie shoes I do have to climb grocery shelves like a monkey to reach the top items, so I feel a little of your pain.

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