Hello folks! How are you all?

There are no whimsical musings or heartfelt personal essays from me tonight. It’s been a rather drab week, both in terms of life happenings and weather. It’s been pouring rain despite being in Spring.

We’re still in lockdown. Kids are continuing with remote school learning. We watch way too many movies and spend too many hours playing video games. We are eating more takeout than before. And without the pressures of assignments, I find myself twiddling my thumbs.

Oh, I am now a qualified adult educator! I finished and passed the ten units needed for the certificate. What I’ll be qualified to teach will be another story. Next year, I’ll begin my search for a job.

I started pottering around on Medium. I created a profile at the end of July but hadn’t done anything until this week. I’m still learning the how-to’s and fixing things as I go. Not sure if I’ll stick to it. Does anyone have a Medium account? Have you got any suggestions or advice? WordPress feels like a comfy old sweater now and I’m not too keen to go changing. But I’ve been told Medium is where to go for the action.

Anyhow, that’s it from me. I’m off to nurse a hot drink, gobble some KitKats and read some romance.

Stay safe all and keep on smiling!

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14 thoughts on “I JOINED MEDIUM”

  1. I’ve made some pocket money from Medium, but what I basically do is just copy over my WordPress posts into the publications there. Haven’t been doing that for a while though. It’s too much work just maintaining these two, and I prefer my blog, because it’s mostly under my control.

    Good luck with your own journey! The first thing you’ll have to do is look out for publications and craft posts for them. That gets you more readers than usual.

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  2. I have a Medium account – I joined their partner program late last year, and almost unbelievably make money at it (good money!) when I put the effort in. You can find me here – jonbeckett.medium.com

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      1. You have to change your writing style pretty significantly to get decent traffic – writing in a “magazine” style, if that makes sense – spoon feeding subjects with call-out subheadings. Stories need to be relatable too. Publications are absolutely the way to go with getting traffic – so to bootstrap your readership do some research on publications you would like to get into, and find out what their publication requirements are (many ask for you to submit drafts – they won’t take anything that is already published). Obviously if you can get content into a publication with a huge audience, you are guaranteed a lot of eyeballs, and potentially earnings. Once you have once piece in a publication, you can directly submit more (via the “add to publication” option on each of your stories).

        I’m happy to show you around it at some point if you want 🙂

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        1. I have noticed the content there is different – almost clickbaity some of them and repetitive. It seems like a lot of effort with publications. I’m not interested in drafting content for publications to consider, too lazy for that. Instead I’ve sent previously published blog posts to a few small publications. I don’t think that’s doing me any favours though, so I think I’ll keep to self-publishing on my profile. I guess that means I won’t be making any money 😂

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      2. If you want to chase the money, it’s there to be made. You earn money from likes if you’re in the partner programme. I’ve earned >$200 in a month when I really tried. Last month I did nothing, and still earned >$20. Stories on Medium tend to have a long tail.

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