I haven’t flexed my writing chops for over three months and I must say, it’s not like riding a bike – I’m finding it rather difficult to get back into a creative mindframe. The words are not flowing as easily despite the numerous stories I have to tell.

In short, I’m in the process of selling our family home, we’ve moved to a rental house, the kids are back to on-site schooling, and I’m about to resume full-time postgraduate studies. As you can expect, I have been, and still am, a bundle of jittery nerves. The journey of selling and moving has been challenging, and the youngest child starting primary school hasn’t been without issue. I shall write about these experiences when I’ve successfully pushed past the writer’s block.

What’s been happening in your part of the world? How have the last three months been for you? Feel free to send me a comment.

I leave you with this photo for contemplation (future blog post content…)

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9 thoughts on “DID YOU MISS ME?”

  1. Moving accommodation is often unsettling, and it will take some time to get past that. Starting back at school must be quite challenging too.

    I have had anything but a quiet three months. December was crazy here – omicron increased our pressures at work again. Then, in January I was offered a new job, which I excepted, and it has been strange to leave the NHS after the dramatic two years we have just endured. Now I am learning the ropes with my new job, which seems to be going ok so far, but it is a totally different environment and there is a lot to get used to.

    The adventure never ends!

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    1. Lots of my friends in health are feeling fatigued from the pressures of staff shortages and workload. I’m not surprised to hear when people leave jobs for better opportunities.
      I hope you’re enjoying your new role as I’m sure there’s lots of new things to learn and new faces to meet, and that can be stressful in itself.

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  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on… hang in there!

    I’m doing okay, kinda. I ordered a nice new custom built laptop, and it doesn’t work. I feel lonely, because even with some of the COVID restrictions going away, the social life I’m getting back is a shell of what it used to be, partially because so many people are moving away, and partially because we’re just growing up. I need to do something differently, but I’m not sure what…

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    1. I guess people are feeling hesitant to be sociable after everything that’s happened over the last few years. I think it’ll take time before we get back to what we were accustomed to before the pandemic hit. I understand what you mean by wanting to do something different but not knowing what that really means. I can only tell you from my experience of throwing myself out of my comfort zone and re-educating was a monumental step for me and I believe it’s done wonders for my confidence and sense of life direction. I’m not suggesting you do anything so drastic but perhaps something out of your comfort zone… something you’ve always thought of but not had the courage to try. Good luck Greg!

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      1. Yes and no. In much of the US, people just collectively decided sometime in the fall of 2020 that they weren’t going to be afraid of the virus, that getting sick is just a natural part of life, and they’ve been living their lives mostly normally since then. In my part of the US, restrictions on gatherings stayed until the summer of 2021 and have been being reinstated and removed off and on since then as case numbers rise and fall, and now the government of my state is saying it’ll basically be like that forever, that we’ll have to put our masks back on every winter when COVID cases surge. My mentality about life is much more of the first type. I don’t want to live in fear, and I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t see people’s faces. Many of the people I know who have moved away have moved for that reason; others have because where I am is ridiculously expensive and crime is out of control. But God told me in no uncertain terms three years ago not to move, and he has not spoken about this again since.

        Yes, you’re right about getting out of the comfort zone. I’m not sure where I fall in terms of living like I did before the pandemic. I’m somewhere in between. I’m not afraid of getting sick and dying, but I am afraid of all the hoops I’ll have to jump through at work, and extra work to plan for not being there for an extended time, if I do get sick, since my state overregulates everything.

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        1. I live in a state that over-regulates when it comes to the pandemic, probably far worse than anywhere in the world. At first, I was scared and welcomed all the restrictions. But now, two years later, I feel we should be trying to live with covid as the restrictions are more damaging in the long term. I agree about not living in a life where you can’t see faces, makes it hard to connect with people. I’ve accepted that I will catch covid at some point, but I’m hoping that being vaccinated will mean it won’t be horribly debilitating.

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