Hello! It feels like an age since I’ve been on WordPress or produced any blog content. Since starting full time studies, it’s been difficult trying to keep up with the study load and submitting assignments on time. So unfortunately, creative pursuits have had to take a back seat. I should be done in 5 weeks and anticipate getting back to some writing.

Not much has happened otherwise. My daughter caught COVID but her symptoms were manageable and short lived. She had a few days of high fevers, stomach cramps and diarrhoea. I actually thought she had gastro until her tests came up positive. No one else in the family caught it so that was a blessing.

I’ve discovered that I have a cervical lordosis, which is where the bones in my neck are bent the opposite direction to what it’s supposed to be. Apparently, my posture staring at a laptop for long period time while studying and poor pillows have probably worsened it. As a result, I get headaches and numbness at the back of my head whenever I lay on my back. I’m getting physio treatment.

We sold our house for a decent price and it looks like it was at the right time given things are looking a bit dire with the housing market.

Our rental house leaks through the ceiling of the lounge every time it rains. We have no heating at the moment and approaching winter. Sagas of a rental person. I must write about that experience at some point.

I let my hairdresser choose a hair colour to dye my hair. My husband and children think the hairdresser did me a dirty because now I look like a Korean pop star with orange hair. I’d show you but I’m too afraid you’ll all prove them right.

Anyway, that’s it really. Nothing exciting. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to getting back to WordPress once my studies are done.

Keep safe everyone, wherever you are in the world.

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Creative writer and storytelling enthusiast, sharing snippets of my journey through life and parenting. Aiming to inspire, empower and ignite laughter with every word that I write.

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