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I’m a Melburnian (Australia), born and bred.

Getting early onset ‘midlife crisis’.

Mother of troublesome two.

Public servant by day. (Still a) Wannabe writer by night. Now thinking about what I want to be when I’m older. (I’m studying to become an adult educator.)

Lover of all things trashy; romance novels, TV shows, magazines, celebrities, rom-com movies.

Must (NOT) have mochas daily. (I might have developed a caffeine intolerance! How I’ll function now, I dunno.)

Hater of anything that causes sweat, walking included.

On a serious note, I’m a creative writer and storytelling enthusiast, sharing snippets of my journey through life and parenting.

I aim to inspire, empower or ignite laughter with every word that I write.

I share my stories with you on KN J Tales and Snippets.


Note: I use aliases for everyone bar me. Not all are happy to be stars in my stories and I respect people’s wishes to remain anonymous.

I have a Facebook page! Random ramblings find their way here. You’ve been warned!

Find and follow me on Twitter! This place scares me a little.

Interested in Pinterest? My photos are underwhelming but I get to pin some decent pics of cute animals and kids crafts and cakes.

Visit me on

Shares, comments and likes are most welcomed… Make me a star! 😜

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