Remember a month ago when I wrote about our mini vacation in a coastal town and was mistaken for a mail-order bride? On our way home from there, I received a phone call from my brother, who was in a bit of a state.

“I think someone’s been in your house! There’s pee in the toilet, like someone peed and didn’t flush. It stinks! And the TV is on. It wasn’t on the last time I was here!”

I had asked my brother to look after our home and to do things like taking in the rubbish bins, watering the garden and bringing in the mail. We were only gone for three days and this was the second time he’d been over to our place to do a house check.

“Did you check the windows and doors for anything suspicious?”

Nothing seemed out of place. All of the things you’d expect a burglar to steal were still there – computers, tablets, TV, musical instruments. My brother told me he hadn’t found anything suspicious after doing a perimeter check and looking in every nook and cranny of the house. As the house hadn’t been burgled, he suggested it could have been an unwelcomed squatter.

If you had concerns that a temporary squatter had somehow broken into your sister’s house, used her toilet without flushing and left the TV on, would you call her immediately while there?

Furthermore, would you then leave her keys on the kitchen counter for said squatter to have easy access to the car and house?

Apparently, my brother isn’t as sensible as I thought he was. He left my keys in the house, locked himself out and then called to tell me about his concerns while he was on a forty-five-minute road trip.

My mother went to do another house check and retrieved the keys after my brother admitted to being spooked by the TV and wasn’t certain he’d done a proper check.

At least my mother had the good sense to video call me so I could see if anything was out of place. Obviously, I’d be the best person to know. Nothing was amiss, and the keys were hidden in a place for me to collect later on.

My mother had failed to find the squatter. My brother texted me this as another possible reason for the weirdness.

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We never did figure out how the TV turned itself on and why there was urine in the toilet. I could have sworn I flushed the toilets and turned off all the switches on the power points. It became an unsolved mystery.

A few weeks later, in the dead of the night, I woke to faint sounds coming from the lounge room. Half asleep, I dragged myself out of bed to inspect the noise that had caused me to wake. I noticed light flickering and saw the TV on. I went to switch it off but before I could get within a few feet of the TV, it abruptly turned off. Eerie, right?

I hurried back to bed and not fifteen minutes later, I could hear the TV had turned back on. At this stage, I’ll admit I had the creeps. I don’t truly believe in ghosts, but my brother’s comment snuck into my mind and made me jumpy. I nudged my husband awake because I’m a wimp and asked him to turn the TV off and unplug the thing from the wall. Just. In. Case.

We ended up buying a new TV. The old one was over eight years old, had multiple scratches and was probably glitchy. Plus, I didn’t want a spooky ghost TV.

Anyway, the new TV came yesterday and so I asked my brother if he wanted to take the old one. He said yes.

I haven’t told him about the freaky night where the TV turned itself on and off like something out of a horror movie. He probably wouldn’t take it if I told him the truth about why I wanted a new TV.

Ghost TVs aren’t real, so is it really that bad to keep this “glitch” a secret?

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